Lighting in the gastronomy:
for an all-round culinary experience

Gastronomy is not just about good food in a convivial atmosphere. The atmosphere and ambience play an equally important role. Reason enough for restaurateurs to adapt their establishment to these requirements. The best way to do this is with unique lighting designs that create a pleasant feel-good atmosphere.

© Photo: Linus Lintner // MATRIX Ring Light & MATRIX Floor Lamp

Lighting for restaurants:

importance and features

The guest room is the heart of every restaurant. Here, guests should feel comfortable to the fullest extent and enjoy their meal. Apart from outstanding cuisine, a well-balanced lighting concept can contribute to a pleasant atmosphere and flawless staging of the food served. Thus, in addition to brightness, the lighting in the catering trade should above all ensure a comfortable ambience.

What types of luminaires are suitable for the gastronomy?

Among the most popular and effective types of luminaires for restaurant facilities are pendant luminaires. They are usually placed above tables or the bar, where they create a punctual lighting effect. Also suitable are ring lights, ceiling lights and indirect lighting sources.

Ein Tisch in einem Restaurant mit einer Pendelleuchte darüber hängend

© Hotel Merkur // Baden- Baden

What ambience can be created by light sources in restaurants?

Depending on the type of luminaire, its orientation and illuminance, a successful lighting concept can be used to create a wide variety of moods in the guest room. Spotlights and wall luminaires, for example, are able to give the room a stimulating atmosphere. Indirect light and pendants, on the other hand, create a warm and cozy ambience.

ETTLIN LUX®: professional design advice for your lighting highlight

We at ETTLIN LUX® advise you on suitable products for questions in the field of lighting design for the catering industry. Our experienced team accompanies you competently in:

  • the selection of the lighting design.
  • the design.
  • further questions about our materials.
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Decolux schwarz Textil auf Plexiglas geklebt mit LEDs dahinter

Decolux 2506 black backlit

What lighting solutions does ETTLIN LUX® offer for restaurants?

In addition to the effective pendant luminaires, a large selection of different lighting solutions awaits you at ETTLIN LUX®. A special highlight is our unique special fabric Decolux in the color Decolux 2508 white. This extraordinary textile is also available in Decolux 2507 light grey and Decolux 2508 black. Illuminated in the background by LEDs, it creates an incomparable depth in the room. The textile ring and floor luminaires from ETTLIN LUX® are also predestined to add your personal touch to the guest room. Furthermore, the ETTLIN LUX® luminaires optimize the room acoustics through the unique interaction with textiles.

What light colors and lighting effects are used?

With gastronomy lighting from ETTLIN LUX®, a wide variety of light colors and lighting effects can be realized. Our Mirrorglass is additionally also fully customizable in the size of the mirror wall. Thanks to individual production, we can adapt our luminaires in light intensity and control specifically for your project. By means of our frame systems including Decolux textile you are able to create multifaceted indirect lighting.

Ein Raum mit Stühlen und einer Spiegelwand mit Lichteffekt im Hintergrund Ein Raum mit Stühlen und einer Spiegelwand im Hintergrund

With the right lighting design for your restaurant you invite your customers to feel good

If the guest feels comfortable in your restaurant, you can usually be sure that he will come again. This is not only pleasing from a business point of view, but is equally proof of optimal lighting design in your restaurant. ETTLIN LUX® is always at your side with expert advice on lighting design.

Important questions and answers about lighting for the gastronomy