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The lighting system of ETTLIN LUX is the absolute eye-catcher of our event location and creates, through the variety of possibilities, always the right ambience for our events. Coupled with the history of the building, it creates an extraordinary and impressive feeling for our visitors. ETTLIN LUX was able to fulfill all our wishes and we are already looking forward to future projects.

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→ Textile: Decolux black
→ Textile: Decolux light grey

MAGMA Pendant Light
MATRIX Ring Light
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Light effects

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Historical architecture in harmony with modern lighting technology

The former smithery on ETTLIN’s ground has been developed into an event venue, which was jointly planned by ETTLIN and esentri AG. At the heart of this venue is the event hall called “Albufer”, combining the historical elements with modern lighting technology. The modern lighting system creates an ambience that will fulfill any lighting concept.

The core task of interior design is to create spaces according to personal needs. Clear in this context is that both desires as well as conditions can vary substantially. These aspects are taken into consideration when planning an event location. This was also the case at the “Ideenspinnerei” in Ettlingen.

Schwarze Bartheke mit rot leuchtenden Glas-Pendelleuchten darüber Weiß leuchtende Glas-Pendelleuchten über einer schwarzen Theke

A custom planned bar with suspended MAGMA glass luminaires, color controllable via a DALI system. | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

Individual lighting concepts for visual experiences

Private party, creative workshop or conference? Depending on the event, different requirements apply to seating, room layout and lighting. In order to create an appropriate lighting concept for a variety of events, the focus of this project was on lighting design.

With the DALI system, rooms transform into the desired scenery with the push of a button. The selected light color and brightness gives the room its suitable character.

Rot leuchtende Glashängeleuchten von ETTLIN LUX über einer schwarzen Theke Lila leuchtende LEDs in Glashängeleuchten, die über einer schwarzen Bartheke hängen

The MAGMA pendant lights can be illuminated in the desired color using the DALI system | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov.

The wiring for the DALI system was entirely planned by ETTLIN. The different light scenes are adjusted via an app and can be selected as a “mood”. This allows a lighting scene which matches the context of the individual event.

The highlight of the event hall is the individually planned bar. Ten MAGMA pendant lamps consisting of a combination of glass and textile are suspended above it. Thanks to the integrated downlights, they serve decorative purposes as well as direct lighting of the counter.

The pendant lights composed of glass and ETTLIN LUX® textile harmonize with the desired ambience | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov.

Energy-saving LEDs for a huge difference

The unique depth effect is created by backlighting the ETTLIN LUX® textiles with LEDs in RGBW. Its static light effect can be dimmed and a change of color is also possible via the DALI system. This creates individual atmospheres in the rooms of the Ideenspinnerei with the push of a button.

MAGMA luminaires with energy-saving LEDs add a special highlight | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

The lighting of the rooms is a key factor in the interior design of event venues. The same applies to the sanitary area. For this reason, a good lighting design concept is essential and should be enabled by simple control. Thanks to the placement of different light sources in combination with ETTLIN LUX® textiles, completely new ways of lighting are emerging. With indirectly illuminated ceiling elements covered with the light grey textile Decolux 2507, extraordinary light accents are created which surprise. The lighting elements recessed in the ceiling are also controlled via the DALI system as well as being activated by motion sensors.

Eine runde Deckenleuchte mit LEDs in weiß Türkis leuchtende LED-Deckenleuchte aus Textil

The round textile ceiling luminaires from ETTLIN LUX® blend harmoniously into the image of the event location | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov.

In addition, round and square ceiling elements are a decorative eye-catcher in the restrooms. The round light frame was placed on the ceiling and the square light box was recessed into the ceiling. A wide range of variations in the design and installation of these ETTLIN LUX® lighting elements can be realized.

The round light element has a diameter of 80 cm and the square variant has been installed in the size of 80 x 80 cm.

WC mit lila leuchtender textiler Lichtdecke integriert in Decke dunkler Sanitärraum mit lila leuchtender textiler Lichtdecke

The matt surface of Decolux 2507 impresses with its high color and light authenticity | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

The textile Decolux 2507 has a low light reflection and looks extremely opaque when the LEDs are off. It is also very pleasant to touch and can be installed both vertically and horizontally.

ETTLIN LUX® textiles are a response to two ongoing trends in interior design: matte surfaces and smart materials. Decolux is also available in the colors 2506 (black) and 2507 (light gray), offering a wide range of possible applications.

Ein Bar in einem Konferenzrraum mit pink leuchtenden Leuchten Türkis leuchtende Ringleuchten mit Bar in einem Konferenzraum

In the ring and pendant lights, the textile Decolux black creates an impressive lighting effect | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

The wide range of possible applications for ETTLIN LUX® textiles provide scope for customized, unique projects. An experienced planning team supports each project from idea to implementation and advises on lighting design.

Öffentliche Toilette mit textilem Lichtrahmen in Decke eingelassen und weiss leuchtend Textiler Aluspannrahmen in Decke eingelassen und pink leuchtend

The square version of the textile light frame creates a surprising effect in the sanitary area | © Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

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