Runde Leuchtelemente mit Textil im Glas von ETTLIN LUX im Bistro von Cineplex in Baden-Baden

© Photo: AHA GmbH

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A new dimension in cinema entertainment at the Cineplex Baden-Baden

Since 16th April 2015, the visitors of the Cineplex Baden-Baden can enjoy the cinema in a new dimension. The modern building is located in the western part of Baden-Baden in the German state of Baden-Württemberg and has eight movie theaters. An incomparable eye-catcher in the restaurant area there is created by the deep lighting effects of ETTLIN LUX®, which are embedded in round wall panels made of glass.

Mood Textilien im Glas von ETTLIN LUX im Cineplex in Baden-Baden
Mood 1368 laminated in glass

Amazing light effects at the Cineplex in Baden-Baden | Foto: AHA GmbH

Mood textiles laminated in glass for a special lighting effect

Three round cut-outs in the wall of the restaurant area of the Cineplex Baden-Baden provide an impressive eye-catcher. To backlight these areas, three square glass elements were laminated with ETTLIN LUX®Textil Mood 1368. Using the textile laminated into two 6 mm thick glasses, creates a luminous effect that makes the room appear deeper and larger.

Mood 1368 laminated in glass captures the attention of visitors anyway | Foto: AHA GmbH

The technical-looking character of Mood 1368 adapts to the ambience of the Cineplex building well. The design of the wall coverings originates from the interior design studio AHA GmbH and comes in two different sizes. Two of the three glass elements were processed in the size of 218 cm x 178 cm (H x W) and one glass element in the size of 218 cm x 155 cm (H x W).

The lighting effect is done by RGBW LED strips, which are diagonally placed behind the laminated glass elements.

What makes the textile Mood 1368 so special?

ETTLIN LUX® Mood fabric is mostly used to be laminated on glass or acryl. Embedded in the glass, it gives an intense lighting effect where the light sources remain visible. This is how the textile receives a technical character.

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© Photos: AHA GmbH