ETTLIN LUX® textiles for Interior Design

The new White: Decolux 2508.

White textile for the Interior Design

The structure of the surface is the secret behind our textiles.

International patented

Our patented textiles are unique products on the market.

Light effect

Static or dynamic light effects are available.


Our textiles are illuminated from the back by RGB, RGBW or white LEDs.

Rely on luminous textiles for your interior design

The structure of the surface is the secret behind ETTLIN LUX® textiles.

By using RGB, RGBW or white LEDs at the back of the ETTLIN LUX® textiles, installations on walls and ceilings gain spatial depth. Textile elements become real eye catchers. As a result of this, rooms appear bigger and, in the same time, a pleasant lighting is ensured.

Some features which of Decolux White:

  • UV resistant
  • opaque
  • high colour and light fastness
  • international patented
  • fire protection class B1

Decolux Black

Even if turned off, Decolux Black (2506) is convincing.

Weisse Textilien für Lichtdesign Projekte

Decolux White

Decolux White (2508) is opaque and convinces with its textile and decorative surface. 


Decolux White

White Decolux (2508) is our newest product in a range of textiles. We followed the wishes of our costumers and made the product shine even whiter than before.

Available colours
  • white
  • black
  • light grey
Fire performance
  • Fire protection class B1, “hardly inflammable” according to DIN 4102, part 1
  • width: 200 cm ± 3
  • usable width: 195 cm
  • length: 5 rm | 10 rm | 30 rm
  • Special dimensions and cuttings on request

Decolux: decorative fabric for interior

By combining Decolux textiles and LEDs, exceptional light effects are developed which can be adapted to pendant or standard lamps and in wall- or frame systems. See for yourself, and take a look at some project.

Further inspiration

Learn more about ETTLIN LUX® Decolux White

You want to learn more about Decolux white? Choose your own way to do so: through product data sheet, or the presentation tool- in form of a multiple model frame set, or a free and convenient textile sample.

Download data sheet

Details on material, basis weight, etc.

Order sample frame set

Suitable as a presentation tool or for your showroom.

Get free textile cards

Handy textile samples to get to know.

Textile lighting at the BMW museum

Lighting presentation

The show floor “Motoren” was redesigned at the “Haus der Technik” at the BMW Museum in Munich. Inspired by coordinate paper, ETTLIN LUX® has created and delivered a design specifically for the BMW Group. In total, two walls were equipped at a length of 12 m with installations by ETTLIN LUX®.

Learn more

Sample frame set

Light effects of ETTLIN LUX must be seen in real life. This is the reason why we have developed a model frame set as the perfect presentation tool.

The model frame set contains:

  • 1x aluminium frame system 500x500x60mm
  • 1x back panel with a pre-installed LED stripe (1 light effect)
  • 1x Miracle fabric, silicon sewed
  • 1x Decolux white, silicon sewed
  • 1x Decolux light grey, silicon sewed
  • 1x Decolux black, silicon sewed
  • Ready to be plugged in

Tip: turn the back panel around, and design your own light effect on it.

Further applications of our textiles

We create products which become eye catchers in the interior design.

Extensive, textile media screens

Can be used in hotels, entrance areas, office buildings, airports, etc.

Textile ring lights in the entrance area

In atriums, lobbies, hotels, restaurants, etc.

Pendant and floor lamps for restaurants.

Ambient lighting with depth effect

Dynamic lightbox for show rooms

For staging products and rooms.

Textile wall panels with an acoustic effect

Sound absorbing wall elements for offices and meeting rooms.

Textile light installations at the office

Illuminated textile frames for office design.

Are you looking for something to highlight your interior design?

We support you- from the idea to the realization.