Discover together with

our unique ETTLIN LUX® team

light in a new and surprising way

The fabric of ETTLIN LUX® is a worldwide unique and patented textile, which creates three-dimensional light lines from light sources, which are arranged behind the textile. This makes ETTLIN LUX a fascinating combination of textile design and light design.

Starting point for the development of our ETTLIN LUX® special lighting fabric was the question in which form light – independent of the already known materials – can still be designed with textiles.

The objective was to develop a fabric that is translucent on the one hand and that adds another exciting dimension to the medium of light on the other.

The birth of ETTLIN LUX®.

With a team of interior designers, product designers and engineers, we continue to find new approaches to the use of our textiles.

Our team

Portrait der Teamleitung von ETTLIN LUX.

Martin Piechaczek

Team Leader
+49 (0)7243 / 107 - 115

Portrait der Produkt Managerin ds ETTLIN LUX Teams in schwarz-weiß

Susanne Schrodi

Product Management
+49 (0) 7243 / 107 - 130

Portrait des Projektmanagers von ETTLIN LUX in schwarz weiß

Christian Forstner

Project Management
+49 (0) 7243 / 107 - 229

Marieke Guß

Project Management
+49 (0) 7243 / 107 - 228

Julia Zehender

Management weaving 2
+49 (0) 7243 / 107 - 227