We plan your project for you

Planning and consulting

Design Concept

For the planning of your project you will get a graphic representation of it.


We advise you with regard to installation situation and materials.

CAD Plans

Our concepts are prepared as CAD drawings.


On request, we are available from start to finish. Our team of interior designers and product designers will gladly assist you.


  • Lighting Design
  • Design Concept (Graphical Representation)
  • Material Consulting
  • Installation Situation
  • CAD planning
  • Pattern Structures

Request your own planning

Frame system


Customizable frame system with ETTLIN LUX® fabric for your own lighting design

+ Textile


Frame system


Frame system with ETTLIN LUX® fabric, pre-assembled LEDs and static light effect

+ Textile
+ Static Light Effect


Frame system


Frame system with ETTLIN LUX® fabric, pre-assembled LEDs and dynamic light effect

+ Textile
+ Dynamic Light Effect


Unique, easy to install systems

The right solution for you in just four steps:

Fabric selection

From three fabric types (Mood and Decolux) you choose the one that suits your project.

Frame System

You choose the type and shape of the frame for your lighting installation

Effect Type

You choose the type of lighting effect (static or dynamic) you wish your lighting design concept to create.

Project Planning

We will assist you with project planning from the beginning to the installation.
Textilien für Lichtdesign Projekt
Textiles Musterrahmenset mit Lichttechnik

Sample Frame Set

Explore the ETTLIN LUX® lighting effect live. That’s why we have developed the sample frame set as an optimal presentation tool.

The Sample Frame Set includes the following:
  • Aluminium Frame System 500 x 500 x 60mm
  • Rear panel with pre-assembled LED Stripes (with one Light Effect)
  • Decolux (white, light grey and black)

HINT: Turn the back panel to create your own lighting effect by applying LED stripes in various ways on to the back panel. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding the lighting effect in terms how to place the LEDs to create certain effects.