The textile pendant lamp with LUX effect creates a pleasant atmosphere.

Ambiloom® Collection

The Ambiloom® collection consists of functional products, which convince as design elements and ambient lighting objects. Fascinating lighting effects can be achieved with the combination of light and special lighting fabric from ETTLIN LUX®. The collection makes any room shine in a surprising but discreet way with its unique three-dimensional light lines.

Ambiloom® Pendant 250

Ambiloom® Pendant 250 is a pendant luminaire with textile surface. In addition to a functional downlight, the luminaire also has ambient lighting. Available in four different color combinations, it adds a pleasant atmosphere to any room. The luminaire is made up with our patented ETTLIN LUX® textile and is suitable for ceiling mounting.

Dimensions of the pendant lamp

The pendant lamp has the following dimensions:

  • Ø 200 mm
  • H 250 mm

The weight is 3 kg.

Piktogramm Ambiloom® Pendant

High quality materials

High quality metal rings in three different colors or wooden rings combined with textile Decolux 2506 provide a unique design.

Das Textil Decolux schwarz gehalten von einer weiblichen Hand

© Photo: raumprobe

Color variations

Ambiloom® Pendant 250 in schwarz


Ambiloom® Pendant 250 in Chromoptik




Fascinating light

Ambience light:

  • LED stripe 2,700 K | warm white
  • non-dimmable
  • max. power consumption 5 Watt


  • E27
  • bulb not included in delivery


Power supply: 230 V


The ambient lighting and the downlight cannot be controlled separately. To control the downlight separately please use appropriate E27 bulbs e.g. Smart Bulbs.

Simple and sophisticated ceiling mounting

The installation is completed in a few minutes.

Ceiling canopy:

  • diameter 95 mm
  • height 24 mm


  • encased in black textile
  • length approx.  1.45 m

Double canopy black



605 x 82 x 30 mm (L x W x H)

Triple canopy black



1,105 x 82 x 30 mm (L x W x H)

Triple canopy round, black



diameter 450 mm | height 30 mm

Die Produkte der Ambilooom® Kollektion sind einzigartig


Die Produkte der Ambiloom® Kollektion werden in Handarbeit hergestellt


Die Produkte der Ambiloom® Kolltion werden in Europs hergestellt

Made in Europe

Other products of the Ambiloom® collection:

Ambiloom® Floor 250

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