Customizable lights

Best materials. Handmade.


The remarkable design makes the luminaire an eye-catcher.


The luminaire is surrounded by ETTLIN LUX® Miracle fabric.

Light effect

The light effect is available in static and dynamic to this lamp.

Lighting power

Available from 2,400 to 6,500K.

© Photo: Linus Lintner

Unique luminaires for your project

The right luminaire for your project:

Shape & Size

Choose the shape and size of your luminaire.

Light effect

Choose type and way of light effect for your luminaire.


Choose the method of suspension of your luminaire. Our team will be happy to advise you.


Select the appropriate controller for your luminaire. Our team will support you in this as well.

© Photo: Linus Lintner

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MATRIX Ringleuchte mit lichttechnischem Textil

© Photo: Linus Lintner


In cooperation with Peters Leuchten and Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung we work on our product developments. We combine our expertise in special fabrics with our knowledge of lighting design to create unique luminaires with a depth effect. We realize versatile lighting concepts, which are based on high-quality products and are individually manufactured.

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Customizable in shape and color

Designed by ETTLIN and Peters Leuchten, we bring the three-dimensional lighting effect to shine also in the form of a floor lamp. This allows the series to be adapted to the context of the room.

© Photo: Linus Lintner

MAGMA Cylinder light

A pendant lamp with depth effect without visible points of light in the sheathing.

MAGMA cylinder luminaire is mostly used for indoor applications and can be varied in color and lighting effect. The special fabric (Miracle) from ETTLIN LUX® creates three-dimensional light structures in the form of curved lines. The fabric is sheathed in glass, which makes the pendant lamp look very classy. In addition, a downlight provides the appropriate functional lighting.

© Photo: Linus Lintner