Textile lights with 3D light effect are a real eye-catcher for your interior design.

Red Dot Design Award 2019 für MATRIX RIngleuchte

In cooperation with Peters Leuchten and Kardorff Ingenieure Lichtplanung, our ETTLIN LUX® textile was processed in an unprecedented form. The result is the MATRIX ring luminaire series.

The special

With its three-dimensional light effect and the very high quality workmanship, this product is an absolute highlight and can be used in almost any project due to multiple customization options.

Textile Ringleuchte mit besonderem Leuchteffekt hängt an Decke im Treppenhaus
MATRIX ring light is available with or without canopy.
The textile provides the special effect in the lampshade.
The corpus can be painted individually on request.

The size of the ring light is variable.

The ring lights are available in different diameters, such as:

  • Ø 1.000 mm
  • Ø 1.500 mm
  • Ø 2.000 mm

Decide for yourself the performance of the lamp

The power of the LEDs depends on the choice of the diameter of the ring light.

  • 34 W
  • 84 W
  • 178 W

The color temperature plays a significant role.

When choosing the right luminaire, the color temperature, measured in Kelvin, plays an essential part. The MATRIX ring light is available from 2,500K up to 6,500 K.

Warm light color has a low Kelvin number, while a cold light color has a high Kelvin number. This is also the case with the MATRIX ring light. It comes in different color temperature.

  • 2.400K
  • 2.700 K
  • 3.000K
  • 4.000 K
  • 5.000 K
  • 6.000 K
  • 6.500K available with individual colors

Dimming provides high flexibility and lets the luminaire become customizable.

The MATRIX ring light series is available with dimming function on request.

  • DALI
  • DMX
  • 0-10V
  • 1-10V

The play of colors creates fascinating lighting effects

The MATRIX luminaire is freely selectable in color and animation. This is controlled by the desired type of lighting effect.

  • Tuneabel White
  • RGB
  • RGBW
  • RGBW Lauflicht

Pendant types possible in many forms

Brochure luminaires


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