Starting point of the development of our special fabric ETTLIN LUX® was the question of how light can be shaped independently of the materials which are already known.

A team of interior architects, product designers and ingenieurs continue to work on new approaches of using our fabrics combined with other materials in new fields.


As a leading manufacturer of technical textiles, we have committed ourselves to research and develop new products since the mid 2000s and explore new areas of application for our textiles with plenty of innovative spirit.

The starting point for the development of our special lighting fabric ETTLIN LUX® was the question of how light can still be created with textiles – independent of the materials already known.

The mission was to develop a fabric that is translucent on the one hand and giving light another exciting dimension on the other hand – the beginning of ETTLIN LUX®. 

ETTLIN LUX® is an unique, worldwide patented fabric created by the special ETTLIN LUX material interacting with point, linear or plane light sources behind the material. Thereby, ETTLIN LUX illustrates a fascinating combination composed of textile design and lighting design.