A t this year’s Professional Lighting Design Convention 2019 in Rotterdam, ETTLIN LUX® exhibited a selection of its products from 24. – 26. October 2019 to convince lighting designers and planners of the impressive lighting effects. During the breaks, visitors to the PLDC took the opportunity to learn about new products and innovations in the exhibition area of the lighting event. Thus, many interested people found their way to the ETTLIN LUX® booth, in order to get more information about the exhibited products and to exchange ideas about one or the other upcoming project.

The following ETTLIN LUX® products were exhibited at PLDC 2019 in Rotterdam:

Also, the textile light frame on the walls of the booth ensured prior enthusiasm with visitors. Both when switched on and off, the alu frames with the patented textile in front are a real eye-catcher for any interior design.

However, the biggest surprise effect came from our latest product: the 3D light effect mirror. This convinced when switched on by its unique lighting effect, which is created by the interplay of textile and light. As a result, a three-dimensional lighting effect is evident in the mirror image, which offers a visual added value to a functional product.

 © Photos: PLDC & VIA-Verlag (Organiser) and Twelve Photographic Services

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