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Hotel lighting:
the be-all and end-all for satisfied guests

Every hotelier is happy about returning guests. To achieve this, not only outstanding service is needed, but equally successful lighting design.

Lighting in the hotel: the peculiarities of light sources in the hotel business.

Sophisticated hotel lighting lays the foundation for hotel guests to feel comfortable in their temporary accommodation and is a prerequisite for repeat bookings. Cleverly distributed hotel luminaires as well as decorative lighting elements in the rooms as well as in the entrance area, in the restaurant and at the reception have an inviting effect and set the scene for the interior design of the hotel.

Individual lighting design for hotels: exclusive, high quality and versatile in use

Hotel lights in individual designs give a unique touch to any space. In order to ideally show off the character of your interior, we offer a wide range of exceptionally crafted pendant lights, ring lights and floor lamps. ETTLIN LUX® decorative lighting designs are available in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. Illuminance levels also vary. Each of our designs can be perfectly matched to your interior thanks to a wide range of customization options. Our tip: Pay attention to an unforgettable lighting design not only in the individual hotel rooms, but especially at the reception! This area is the first point of contact for guests and should convey a pleasant feeling of well-being right from the start. With our highlights, you will fascinate your guests from the very first moment.

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What atmospheric styles can a coherent hotel lighting create?

Depending on which lighting concept you choose, you will give your house the most diverse atmospheres. Subdued and warm light radiates friendliness and coziness. Intensive point sources of lighting ensure the orientation of your guests and have a stimulating effect as well as promoting concentration.

ETTLIN LUX®: professionally developed lighting designs for more ambience

For the design of your hotel room lighting it is advisable to bring an expert on board, who will support you actively and competently within the scope of your project. ETTLIN LUX brings together a team of interior designers, project designers and engineers and has a wide range of products for your hotel lighting needs. Our exclusive service for you: competent design consulting for decorative highlights! So you too can find the ideal lighting solution for your hotel.

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What does ETTLIN help hoteliers with?

The core service from ETTLIN LUX® primarily concerns expert product advice. With regard to our range of decorative lighting solutions, we are happy to support you in:

  • the choice of the right one.
  • the clarification of availability issues (colors, sizes, shapes, etc.).
  • the preparation of CAD plans.

We design the design concept determined together with you with the help of a graphical representation and answer questions about different materials and installation situations.

What light colors and effects are used?

When selecting and installing your hotel lighting, you can draw from the full range in terms of light colors and lighting effects. At ETTLIN LUX® you can expect lighting sources that emit warm or cool white light as well as indirect lighting methods according to the latest standards.

Together with ETTLIN LUX® for a positive hotel evaluation

In addition to comfort and cleanliness, a hotel rating also includes the ambience prevailing in the house. Here, the hotel lighting plays an important role. Therefore, consider this point at best already during the planning of your premises. We at ETTLIN LUX® are at your side with advice and support.

Frequently asked questions about hotel lighting