© Photo: Klaus Frahm


Large-area framesystems backlit with LEDs that create a dynamic lighteffect. ETTLIN LUX® light technical fabric enables a very special light effect in the entrance area of the HypoVereinsbank.
ETTLIN LUX Textile Miracle
Dynamic lighteffect with colour change

© Photo: Klaus Frahm




Hypovereinsbank, Hamburg

Light Effect

Dynamic with colour change

UniCredit Bank’s office and commercial building at Neuer Wall 64, which has been remodeled and modernized on the upper floors, was expanded in 2017 to include a company conference center on sections of the ground and 1st floors.

In the process, the building’s main entrance with foyer and reception area was also to be redesigned. For this purpose, the lighting designers from Peter Andres – Beratende Ingenieure für Lichtplanung deliberately relied on transparency: they allowed views from outside into the building onto a floor-to-ceiling attention-grabbing light wall. The result was an effective lighting concept with a media screen installation.

ETTLIN LUX® Textilien are an exciting development of our proven effect fabrics. By backlighting the fabrics with LEDs, three-dimensional light effects are created in the form of curved lines. This was also the case for the Hypovereinsbank project in Hamburg.

The large-area media screen behind the reception counter of the conference center at Neuer Wall 64 provides the desired representative external effect with its changing light formations and becomes part of the staged movement in the rear area.

© Photos: Klaus Frahm