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Einfache Kedersysteme für Leuchtrahmen im Büro
Simplest keder system for easy application of textiles
The low construction depth of the wall elements makes the modules look decorative
The integrated sound-absorbing material ensures a pleasant room atmosphere and is not visible from the outside
Depending on the textile, the light effect also varies

© Photo: Nikolay Kazakov


oxaion gmbh, Ettlingen

Planning & Implementation


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Ideally, an optimal office design helps to increase the quality of work and thus productivity. In order to meet these requirements, the IT company oxaion from Ettlingen decided in spring 2019 to equip its own office design with textile light frames from ETTLIN LUX®.

Sound-absorbing textile light boxes as “acoustic images” for the office

For the ultimate in room acoustics, we combine our lighting textiles with acoustically effective materials. We attach these to the back panel of our light frames to give a decorative wall element a functional property. Thus, our light frames are excellently suited to be used as “acoustic images” in office rooms.

The specifications of our textile aluminium light frames at oxaion at a glance:

  • Clamping frame profiles with Aludibond back plates (dimensions: 800 mm x 800 mm / 600 mm x 600 mm / 300 mm x 300 mm)
  • Decolux textile printed and unprinted
  • consistent lighting effect for a demanding overall picture
  • Embedding sound-absorbing fabrics for optimal room acoustics
  • economical LEDstripes with color change mode (RGBW)
  • Low frame depth of 12 cm for a shapely wall picture

Aesthetics and function at the same time

ETTLIN LUX® textile light boxes were used to set up the meeting and training rooms. In this way, the company achieved not only a decorative, textile wallpaper, but also an effective light installation in the offices.

When choosing the textiles for the wall systems, the software provider opted for the textile Decolux in white and red and thus remained true to its corporate design. To support optimal room acoustics, a grey sound-absorbing fleece was mounted on the back panel of the 12 cm deep illuminated frames. In this way, the company achieved not only a decorative but also a functional wallpaper, which creates a visual appeal through its effective light structures.

With ETTLIN's lighting installations, we add a valuable dimension to our room and acoustics concept at the Ettlingen location and set a special CI accent. We are open, flexible, different... ETTLIN suits us.

Frank MaulbetschCommercial Manager, oxaion gmbh
Textile Leuchtkästen mit geringer Bautiefe

© Photos: Nikolay Kazakov