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Ringleuchten als Blickfang im Foyer einer Firmenzentrale
5 x 1.40 m wall element with light effect and Miracle textile
Textile ring light with Miracle textile and a diameter of 1.40 m
Ring light with Miracle textile and a diameter of 2 m

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E.G.O. Group

Lighting effects

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Textile lighting effects in the atrium and showroom

The E.G.O. Group (E.G.O.) is one of the world’s leading suppliers of heating and control elements with more than 5,600 employees in 17 countries. These make use of home appliance manufacturers in washing machines, electric cookers, clothes dryers and many other household and commercial appliances.

In December 2017, the starting signal was given for the construction of the new BLANC & FISCHER family holding and E.G.O. group in Oberderdingen. After 521 days, the new company headquarters opened the three-floors new building with around 5,800 square meters of floor space and around 150 places.

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The aim of the new office space concept was to create a modern building that meets the changing world of work and in which all employees feel comfortable. The new entrance area and showroom were also equipped with ETTLIN LUX® lighting installations. The aim was to create a pleasant effect when entering the company building, which was to be achieved through textile and light.

As a result, the following products were used:

  • Textile light frame in the entrance area

  • Textile ring lights in the atrium

  • Freestanding frame systems in the showroom

Textile light frame in the entrance area

The task for ETTLIN LUX® for the company’s reception area was to develop wall systems that fit perfectly into the design specifications of the new building, respect corporate design and reflect the company’s innovative, high-tech character.

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A long wall element in the dimensions 5 x 1.40 m (W x H), embedded in a wooden frame with static, turquoise-colored light effect, which is generated by means of an integrated LED bar. Clamped in the frame is the ETTLIN LUX® Miracle fabric.

© Photo: Nikolay Kazakov

In the square light box with wooden frame (1.3 x 1.3 m) the textile ETTLIN LUX® Decolux white was used, on which a print of the two company founders is shown. The static lighting effect is provided by a white LED bar on the rear panel.

Textile ring lights in the atrium

For the second eye-catcher in the entrance area of the new building, it was decided to use imposing ring lights, which were suspended over three floors and glow in corporate colors. In this way, the E.G.O. Group also communicates its corporate design elements in the form of a luminaire.

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The ring lights were injected from the inside in stainless steel look to meet the technical character of the high-tech products of the E.G.O. Group.

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With a diameter of 1.40 and 2 m, the ring lights hang at 12 m height over three floors of steel cables. Even from the outside, the ring lights are real eye-catchers – day and night.

Freestanding frame systems in the showroom

For the furnishing of the showroom, products were required that meet the high demands of the E.G.O. Group and its exhibits. That’s why the company opted for dynamic light boxes that create a visual experience. In order to skilfully highlight the different components of the areas of rinsing, washing, cooling and drying, we installed LED foils that can be contextually controlled with a media player. As a result, thematically adapted lighting effects are played out in the different frame systems, which represent the respective matter accordingly.

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The component of a washing machine is controlled by a built-in RGBW module, a blue, dynamic lighting effect, which ensures the visual experience.

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The textile ETTLIN LUX® Miracle is embedded in a tenter frame profile of 6 cm construction depth by means of a piping system to provide the three-dimensional lighting effect.

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To illustrate the theme of “cooling” thematically, we relied on a 1.70 m high and 6 cm deep aluminum tension frame profile, which thanks to white-shining LED bars, which were mounted on the back plate, for a static “wide-effect” with a discreet course to care.

Project planning and coordination

In order to implement these unique lighting concepts, our planning team supported the persons responsible of the E.G.O. Group with CAD planning and 3D visualizations in order to obtain the clearest possible idea of lighting design in advance.

For more than a year we worked together with many interfaces to develop the light installations from the first idea to the finished solution. A result we are very proud of.

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From the initial ideas and concepts to the final implementation, the support provided by the ETTLIN LUX® specialists was very good. The installations are a perfect match for the company - both employees and visitors are enthusiastic and fascinated.

Christine MetzManaging Director / Head of Corporate Communication der E.G.O. Group

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